Sunday, July 3, 2016

More paper crafting!

One more paper crafting post before I promise another "Booh Bear" post!   This latest wall hanging was made from a pre-cut, whitewashed, wooden plaque.  I dyed several colors of 90 lb. watercolor paper using different mixes of Dylusions Inks.  After the paper has dried, the flower cutting begins!  I really enjoy flower making ... it borders on therapeutic for me!  I guess that is how I end up spending hours upon hours making flowers!   After die cutting the flowers, I tipped the petals in color box inks, dampened them slightly and curled the petals using fondant ball tools.  I know there are some fancy flower making ball tools out there (with a fancy price to match) but you will get the same effect using fondant ball tools and they are a lot less expensive.  The dies used on this piece were Sizzix Tattered Florals, Garden Greens, and Fancy Flourishes ... along with the butterfly die that came with the Sizzix Big Shot Plus Starter Kit.  The smaller flowers were die cut using 5 different JoyCrafts!  Florals dies.   I hope you like my latest paper craft!   Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July!
Hugs & Blessings,

Saturday, June 11, 2016

I'm keeping my promise! :o)

Okay, last time when I went 4 months in between posts to my blog, I promised to show my latest creation here and I am keeping my word!  My latest is a puppy who is made from long, beautiful, white mohair.  She is made to resemble a Maltese.  Her name is Gabriella - named after a friend of mine's sweet little Gabby, whom crossed the rainbow bridge way before her time.   I am really trying to spend more time on bears and hopefully will be able to do that now more than ever.  I miss working on these little fabric sculptures!  They bring me so much joy!  I hope they bring you joy in seeing them, too!  Here is Gabriella's link if you are interested in visiting her auction today.  She is only listed for one day!  Gabriella on eBay Have a blessed weekend.  Many hugs,   Janice

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Oh dear ... at it again ... 4 months since the last time I posted?!

I am a blog slacker.  No doubt about it.  I get worse all the time with lapses in posts.  I've been super busy helping my husband with clerical type work as he has left his business career and has been consulting.  He would like to get back in to the business world, so I've been helping him with resumes, as well.  Each day brings a new and exciting adventure with him at home!  lol!  In the past four months, we've celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary (where does the time go?!) and I've celebrated my 10th year of being cancer free!   Those are two milestones I am very proud of and grateful for.   I do miss making my bears and hope to get back to them on a regular basis, soon.  In the meantime, I have been creating paper art (it doesn't take long to put together a card or shadow box) and it allows me the creative outlet that I so desperately need to keep my sanity!  Here are a few photos of what I've been up to in the past four months.  Once there is a new bear or puppy or bunny to show, I promise I'll post it here first!
The card above was sent to my childhood friend for her 61st Birthday.  I hope she likes it!

The canvas above was placed in a shadow box for my Sister-in-law.  I hope she likes it!

This shadow box was created for my Sister-in-law's friend.  Her friend allowed her to stay in her home for a week here in Arizona and my Sister-in-law wanted a thank you gift with Arizona colors.The shadow box is filled with AZ wildflower colors, a sunshine and a little hummingbird!
The card above was created for my Mother-in-law for Mother's Day.  She suffers from Alzheimer's and I thought the bright colors would cheer her.  I think my own Mom would have loved the flowers, too!
I hope you have a beautiful weekend filled with all the joys that God has for you.
Lots of hugs & blessings, Janice

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Paper Crafting!

I had no idea this much time had passed since my last post!  October 19th?!  Time simply flies by way too fast.  There really doesn't seem to be enough time to get all the projects done that are constantly dancing through my mind!  My latest crafting includes the purchase of a Sizzix Big Shot Plus die cutting machine.  I have a Big Shot and a Cricut Expression 2 but I wanted a Big Shot Plus as the opening is a full 9 inches!  It makes all the difference when working with embossing folders!  I started by making a little box and a card using the Starter kit (ordered with the Big Shot Plus).  I think it turned out really cute!  Then, I started making cards and I've made quite a few.  I've attached a couple photos. The bears have been on hold while I've been playing with paper but I do have one that I started two weeks ago and she is almost done.  My mind is full of bear making ideas, too.  Wish there was more time in a day!  I hope you are enjoying the end of Winter.  Have a blessed week! Many hugs, Janice

Monday, October 19, 2015

Donating Mom's Biblical Quilt to First United Methodist Church of Dearborn

We had the most wonderful time at the 30th Annual (though, now it is Bi-Annual) Quilt Show at the First United Methodist Church of Dearborn, Michigan this past weekend!  My Sister, Brothers and I decided to donate Mom's Biblical Quilt to the church where Mom showed her quilts for so many years.  It was bittersweet to let the quilt go but such an honor to know that there will be many who will be able to share in the joy that Mom's quilt brings.  My friend, Allie (from Allie Oops Sweet Happy Life) wrote a wonderful blog entry (including many lovely photos) of the donation quilt and if you're interested, here is the link to Allie's blog post.  Allie Oops Sweet Happy Life Blog Post about Mom's Biblical Quilt  Oh, Mom's Quilt won Viewer's Choice Third Place!  Such an honor to win this ribbon!   I hope you will pop over and peek at Allie's blog post, too!
Have a blessed week.
Lots of hugs,

Friday, September 4, 2015

New Booh Bear!

It's been several years since I've used loc-line in one of my creations and it's been a while since I've made a 14" bear, too!  My latest little bear features both of these anomalies!  Joufflu (meaning chubby in French) is made of a vintage Tissavel (from France) luxury faux fur coat.  It's the prettiest color - pure white with black tips scattered throughout.  I placed the pattern pieces in such a way that her face would be mostly white with a few black tips by her smile, above her nose and by her temples!   Her loc-line neck gives her the cutest poses!   For my teddy bear artist friends, you can find beautiful vintage Tissavel faux fur coats on eBay.  They make the softest bears!
I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!
Hugs & Blessings,

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Neglectful Blogger!

Oh goodness, it's been way too long since I've posted to my blog!  I've created a few new Booh Bears and Friends since the end of May and my last post!  We've been on a couple getaways, one to Michigan and one to Colorado but I'm home for at least a couple months now!  I have lots of ideas to start  and hope to be posting more over the next couple months than I have in the past couple months!   Have a wonderful day!
Hugs & Blessings,