Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hand dyed this mohair using Sedona Red Rocks!

When Alison McKee and Joanne Livingston and I took a trip up to Sedona last year, I borrowed some of the gorgeous red rocks from Sedona to dye some mohair with. I finally soaked the rocks in boiling water this weekend and used my finest vintage kid mohair to dye. It's not as red as I would have liked but it's still a very pretty color! I'm looking forward to making a bear from it!


  1. This color looks very lovely. More like a pearly pink to me. I love pink (*^^*)

  2. It does have a pink tint to it, Esther! I have a bear all sewn, just need to make her!

  3. Wow... i can't wait to meet this beauty (*^o^*)


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