Sunday, April 14, 2013

Working on 4 Puppies at Once!

I was going to finish one more puppy from my "Tototoo" pattern before offering the pattern for sale.  My dilemma,  I could not choose a fabric to make it from!  So, I decided to cut out 4 puppies to solve the problem!   I am currently working on these 4 puppies (each one a different color and different density mohair).   Once they are done, I will post two for adoption from my website and two for adoption from eBay.   Then I will offer the pattern for sale, as well!  I hope you will check back to meet the pups!
Have a blessed Sunday!  Lots of hugs,  Janice


  1. Lol, well that's one way round the problem!

  2. Can't wait to meet them :) 4 different Tototooo ... how cut <3

    1. Still working on these puppies, Esther! xxxx


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