Sunday, August 28, 2011

Naval Booh Bear Just in Time for a Visit With Dad!

I just finished a Naval Booh Bear in time to show pictures to my Dad, a Navy guy himself!   At the end of this post is a photo of my Dad "back in the day" and one of my bear just finished!  Once or twice a year my Sister, who lives in Florida, and I (living in Arizona across the country) converge on Dad to spend some time with him.  We make it a time to include Mom, too (though she's been physically gone for almost 2 years now).   Usually we include her by submitting a dozen or so of her handcrafted Quilts in a Quilt Show.  This time will be a little different.  We are going to be displaying her 9/11 Quilt called "The Day America Cried" in the City Hall/Public Library in the town her and my Dad lived.   Mom's amazing King Size Quilt is a beautiful work of art that captures both the tragedy of the day and then the love of fellow men and women stepping up to help where help was needed afterwards.  The Quilt will hang in remembrance of the 10 year Anniversary of the tragedy.  My family and I are honored to be allowed a special place in City Hall to hang Mom's work of art.  Thank you, Mom, for a legacy of love that lives on and thank you, Dad, for your service to this wonderful Country.   We are very proud of you both!
 I will take a better picture once the quilt is hanging - I'll be able to capture the whole thing, then!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It Feels Like You're Here, Mom!

Yesterday in the mail, I received the most professional looking Teddy Bear Magazine I have ever had the pleasure to open ... though I couldn't read a word of it -  it's in German!  The Magazine is "Teddys Kreativ" and Verena Greene-Christ wrote an article about my bears - she included so many pictures (even though I can't read the words, it was fun to see the pictures!)   I feel so honored and humbled and all I could do was think "Mom would be so proud".   My Mom was such an amazing artist and her works were published in numerous magazines.  Every time one of my bears was published, I would send Mom a copy of the Magazine - since that's not possible, I will share it with you!  Still,  I can almost hear Mom all excited and chattering about what a lovely magazine it is and how wonderful the article is!  It feels like you're here, Mom!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

So much fun "playing" with new mohair and baby clothes!

I finished a little girl this evening using some of the mohair and an outfit that my "Angel" gifted me - what fun it was creating her!   Jodie is now available on eBay:

Friday, August 12, 2011

Just Added a New Pattern to my Website!

I designed the Pattern to make this 7" Baby Bear at the same time I designed the one for Joyau which will be in TBR (to be published in their magazine for sale in October).  The Pattern for this bear (Noel) is now available on my Website:

Update on my Pattern in Teddy Bear Review Christmas Issue!

I just received word from Joyce Greenholdt - TBR Editor - that the Christmas Issue (with Joyau's pattern) will be mailed on October 5th and the digital issue should be on-line October 6th.  For those of you interested in obtaining a copy of the magazine, subscriptions can be purchased on-line:

Breena the Booh Bear Fairy in TBAAF Competiton! Please Vote!

I don't usually enter competitions but since the TBAAF Competition was free to enter and had a category for Fantasy Creations, I thought my little fairy bear, Breena, would be a good one to enter.  She is now posted on the site waiting for a vote or two!  Please vote for your favorite (two of my friends entered Bumble Bee Bears and they are adorable!) by following the link below - Thanks so much!  xoxo

I'm pleased to say that Breena did win in her Fantasy Category!  Thank you ever so much for your votes!

Friday, August 5, 2011

My Dear "Angel" Struck Again!

My friend who gave me the 2 boxes of mohair last month has struck again!   Yesterday the postman left a huge box of my favorite "Odds & Ends", "Bits & Bobs" and if that wasn't enough, a little bit of  "This & That", too!   There were antique baby clothes (bonnets, dresses and precious shoes), ribbons, ombre ribbon flowers already made up, a wee little bird cage, buttons, thread, glass eyes, bear joints, just too many items to list them all.  I have cried happy tears a few times in the past two days!   I feel so blessed!  I can hardly wait to get started on some of the bears and bunnies who will wear these sweet things!  Thank you from the bottom of my grateful heart, dear friend!  xxxx <3<3<3

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Saying Hello to an Old Friend and her Little Booh!

I was just about ready to shut down the computer and crawl in to bed when an email popped up from a lady who used to adopt my bears "back in the day"!  Jen sent a photo of her little "Kiwi" who was created in 1999 (a year after my bear making began).   I laughed right out loud when I saw her, it was like seeing an old friend!  I cherish my old friends and welcome the new ones.  These are the bear moms (and  dads) who have allowed me to share in their lives throughout the years, beginning a friendship based solely on the simple common thread of a teddy bear.   Bear making has brought me more joy in the past 13 years than I could have ever imagined.  Thank you, dear friends!    xoxo

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Making a Flower Shaped Pin Cushion Tutorial

A while ago a friend asked me to share details on how I make the wee cushions for my bears.  This is a rather primitive tutorial on how I do it.  I'm sure a professional would have some comments regarding my techniques but this is what works best for me.  I often use felt and blanket stitch around the edges with wrong sides together but the tutorial is for one I made with satin which was sewn by machine with right sides together.  I looked at many books on silk flower making before I found my favorite which is "Ribbonwork:  The Complete Guide" by Helen Gibb.  I would love to see pictures of your finished cushion!  Have fun creating!  xoxo

Joyau's New Dress and Bonnet!

Finding a sweet child's dress in disrepair in an antique shop in Ouray, Colorado was just what the doctor ordered for little Joyau!  I took the Irish lace hem and created her bonnet and pinafore from it (and I still have some remnants left for another wee outfit)!  So much fun!  xoxo

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Treasures That Tickle My Fancy!

Mike and I spent the last 5 days in Ouray, Colorado (this is the most beautiful little town in the U.S., (pictures to follow).  We went antique shopping (he hates this but humors me!) in all the surrounding areas (Telluride, Ridgeway, Montrose) and I found oodles of goodies for my bears (and me!!!).   One of my favorite finds was a wee little antique perfume funnel - I didn't even know what it was but was drawn to it so much so that I didn't even ask the price, I had to have it!  I found three precious antique baby dresses, one made in France with the most beautiful needlework around the hem and another with Irish lace.  I found a beautiful bracelet with gorgeous deep ruby red glass beads and an old powder box - so sweet! In another antique store I found a beautiful antique red lacquer box with a precious painted bird and the box was filled with antique cotton and silk thread - just beautiful.  Mom would have loved this as she loved birds and loved silk thread!  I think she would have loved all of my "finds" ... I hope you don't mind me sharing them with you!  xoxo