Monday, September 24, 2012

I finished my "Crazy Pattern Lady" Bear!

My last post described how I design most of my patterns (like a crazy lady ;o) with nothing but scissors and cardstock paper (in this instance, it was a coupon from TGI Friday's)!    For the more complicated patterns, I do draw out the designs freehand and once I even traced a real baby bear's face from my computer monitor as it was so sweet!  I've yet to make that bear, but I still have the traced face and one day I will make her!   Here's my wee little handful, Ava.  She was created using the pattern that was made from the TGI Friday's coupon - she is flying off to Australia today!  xxx

Friday, September 21, 2012

Crazy Vegetarian Pattern Lady!

I have mentioned before in my ramblings how most people would consider my method of designing patterns completely crazy and, I admit, if I wasn't talking about myself, I would most certainly think the designer was crazy, too!   I learned to make bears from a man who was an engineer by trade - very precise and mathematical, measuring everything with a caliper.   I am grateful to him for teaching me his ways. but my hands and mind are not very precise OR mathematical, so this is how I design my patterns.   I receive a cardstock ad/coupon for TGI Friday's in the mail today.  Being a vegetarian, this coupon has no value to me, so what do I do?   The coupon is a perfect paper weight and size to get to work.  I stand at the kitchen counter, hold the coupon in my left hand and start cutting with  my right.  There are no measuring tools, no guides, no pencils,  nothing but my scissors and coupon.  I end up with the pattern for my next bear.  It takes me approximately 5 minutes from start to finish.  I'll need to tweak it as I work but this is how I design.   So, now you know, any time this crazy vegetarian pattern lady receives a nice cardstock coupon in the mail for anything related to meat, a new bear will be designed!
* Smiles *    Hugs, Janice
Here's a picture of the finished bear made from my TGI Friday's Coupon!  I had to tweak the head gusset (I always cut them too long because if you cut it too short, it's impossible to add fabric!) the legs were tweaked, as well ...
Ava has been adopted and will be moving to Australia very soon!    Hugs & Blessings,  Janice

Whoops...I did it again! Blog Neglect!

I have NO idea where my time goes - it's been nearly a month since I've looked at my blog!  Well, I have a new bear today and thought I would share with you.   Sapphire is made of the most gorgeous hand-dyed Schulte German mohair in a tipped sapphire color.  She's made from a mix of a couple of my older patterns.  It's been ages since I've backed the eyes with felt but with this little one being so dark, I felt her eyes needed that extra "pop"!   I hope you like her as much as I do.   This is Sapphire.  You can find her on Bear Pile at the following link ...Sapphire on Bear Pile