Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Mommy Hugs ...

There are times in this life when I could really use a "Mommy Hug" ... you know the kind of  hug that covers you in a world of joy, peace, love and acceptance and at the same time reassures you that everything is going to be okay - today, tomorrow and always.   The all encompassing "Mommy Hug".  My Mom gave those hugs freely and they were worth their weight in gold!  They made all that was wrong, right again. 

I have problems accepting the hate and evil that have crept in to our world.  Right now, the world is in a place that hurts and we all need "Mommy Hugs".  We need more love to battle the hate.  We need more good to battle the evil.

Please go out of your way to be kind to others.  To give "Mommy Hugs" (they don't even have to be  physical "Mommy Hugs") - a kind gesture, a smile, a friendly look.  Something to reassure others that our world will be okay - today, tomorrow and always.