Monday, March 26, 2012

My Friend's New Teddy Bear Blog - Atelier Wiba

My friend, Ute Wilhelm, who makes beautiful bears under the name "Atelier Wiba" has started a new teddy bear blog.  If you have a moment to check out her blog, I'm sure you will love it!  If you page down a bit and take a peek at her sewing studio, you will be amazed!  I would LOVE to create in a space like hers!  One day, I will redo my sewing room/office and make it a pretty pastel shabby spot to create, too!   It's one of my dreams :o)  Oh, another thing, Annie, the bear on Ute's welcome banner is my Annie!  I adopted her from Ute last November and she was such a welcome addition to my "hug"!  I was all smiles when I saw her greeting the bloggers!  Have fun checking out Ute's new Teddy Blog.  Hugs & Oodles of  Blessings, Janice    Atelier-Wiba New Teddy Bear Blog

Friday, March 23, 2012

Me again with pictures of all the bears I'm offering at the show!

Okay, the show has begun and it's okay to share photos of our show bears with everyone now!  Yay!  I have four little ones who are looking for homes - Felicity, the preview bear found her home right way!  Here are the others who are available now through Sunday at 4:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.   Link to the Show Website:  Teddies Worldwide On-Line Show

I hope you will take some time to peek at all the wonderful show bears!   Have a blessed day.  Lots of hugs, Janice

Today is the Big Day! Teddies Worldwide On-Line Show Begins Soon!

Well, after much procrastination, I finally finished my bears for the on-line show with an hour and 3 minutes
to spare!   I am a firm believer in waiting till the last minute on every creative endeavor with stipulations set by someone else!  When it's one of my "sidetracked musings", I am all for diving right in and getting it done because I'm excited to see the outcome!   I truly appreciate the exposure when participating in the big on-line shows,  though, and I had a lot of fun creating my little Tea Time Teds.  Wee Felicity is my "Preview Bear" for the show.   I have four more Tea Time teddies - all below 5" - that will make their debut at the following link at 1:00 p.m. Arizona time - 4:00 East Coast Time.  Teddies Worldwide On-Line Show Page   If you have some time to peek in, you won't be disappointed!  There are 90 artist's participating with at least 5 bears each.   The artist's are set up alphabetically by their business name on the Preview Page.  Mine are under "Booh Bears" in the Miniature Section.   There will be a lot of wonderful bears in attendance!   I hope you can spend some time meeting them :o)  Have a blessed day!   Hugs, Janice

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Some New Booh Bears on my website!

Oh my, what a busy couple of weeks I've had!  I'm thrilled to have my spot in front of the computer tonight - I've missed peeking at my Dashboard to catch up on some of the blogs I follow and just to spend a couple minutes on my own blog helps me feel grounded!   This past Sunday, I participated in my second in person teddy bear show.  I truly enjoyed meeting the other artist's and seeing their lovely bears in person.  There were a couple I would have loved to have taken home if I had won the lottery prior to the Show!   I decided to wear a pretty locket to the show that my friend, Cindy, gave me after Mom passed away - it has a gorgeous hummingbird on it (Mom's favorite bird).  Inside the locket, I had a picture of Mom on one side and a picture of Dad on the other.  It was wonderful having them close to my heart while I ventured out in to the "real bear world".  Just knowing they were there, in some small way, brought me comfort!  Though I enjoyed the day, I realize that I am a much better guest than exhibitor - I think I'm just too shy and uncomfortable "selling"!  So, from here on, all my bears will be offered only on line!  Here are a couple little ones who came home from the show with me but have since found a lovely new Bear Mom!   Now, off to create the little ones who will take part in the Teddies Worldwide On Line Show on March 23rd  :o)  

Have a blessed rest of your week!   Big hugs, Janice