Sunday, September 25, 2016

New Puppy ... New Life!

So much has happened here in the past month!  We adopted a precious little puppy who is a handful, to say the least! Luna was one of a litter of sweet puppies  (and their Australian Shepherd Mom) who were turned over to a local rescue. Being part Australian Shepherd, she has an overabundance of energy and my every waking moment is spent trying to contain her excitement and rowdiness!  We knew what we were getting in to (but forgot most of the fun stuff) because the only other dog we have ever had was a Shetland Sheepdog ... another herding breed that has way too much energy! Luna requires a lot of play time, a lot of time running and getting that energy out in a safe manner. Our house has some chew spots (doors and cupboards are her favorite ... wood must taste yummy) from the times when I haven't been able to divert her attention.   She also finds a way to get in to the litter box (if I forget to shut the bathroom door ... argh!  That's NOT fun!) She also jumps all over us and nips ... all things that herding breeds do and need to be stopped before they get out of hand.  It's not too bad when a sweet little 13 pound puppy jumps on you and nips but what about when she's a 40 pound dog?!  Yikes!  Not a good scenario, at all!   I'm trying to use the Victoria Stilwell Positively Training methods and Luna catches on quickly.  She has sit and lie down mastered perfectly (unless she's excited, then it all goes out the window).   Does anyone out there in blog land have some tips on training a puppy to stay down?  She jumps all over us and the furniture out of sheer excitement.  I also have not been able to introduce her to the two cats because they are too afraid.  As it is now, they are out in the main part of the house at separate times.  So, any advice on introducing a puppy to the resident cats is much appreciated, too! I do not believe in screaming, hitting, holding down or any of those other Dog Whisperer training methods.  Only positive reinforcement ideas, please!   Thanks so much!    On a bear related note, I am trying to finish up an Autumn bear.  She's a lovely pumpkin color.  If I can contain Luna's enthusiasm, I should be able to finish before Winter arrives!
Hope you have a lovely weekend!
Hugs & Blessings,

 Here's Luna when we first brought her home!  Look at that little face!  Love her little bent down ears!

And look at those precious little white eyelashes!  Oh my goodness, she's so beautiful!
Here she is now at about 4-1/2 months old, about a month after we adopted her, one ear up and one ear down!  She's beginning to look more like an Australian Shepherd!