Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bird of Paradise!

I was outside tonight taking pictures of the skyline and my Bird of Paradise looked so pretty,  I thought I would snap a shot of it, too!   Mom so loved flowers and her garden was always tended - she often sent me pictures of her tulips and roses and iris - what a joy it was each Spring to receive a special envelope full of flower photos from Mom!  This one is for you, Mom!


  1. Mine, too, Joanne! Thanks so much, Katy! xoxo

  2. It really is a very pretty flower, Esther! God's handiwork :O)

  3. Hay Janice,

    What a lovely blog..
    I love this's so delicate...
    Thank you for visit my blog.
    And I will follow your blog.

    Love from Marijke

  4. Thank you so much, Marijke! I love your blog, your bear pictures are so beautiful. xoxo


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