Thursday, December 8, 2011

Candy Bar Wrapper - Inexpensive, Quick Stocking Stuffer idea!

I had so much fun sharing my hat tutorial last week that I thought I would share another little ditty I make!  I've been making these candy bar wrappers for quite a few years, too, and thought you might be interested in using the idea for a quick, inexpensive gift!   Each photo describes how I made my candy bar wrapper but you can make substitutions - this is simply an idea I thought I would share!   Hugs, Janice

I just finished the two below - they are both made from an illustration of two birds, one printed out on glossy photo paper while the other is printed on cardstock.   Just an example of a couple other ideas for your candy bar wrappers!   They can be shared year round - just choose different postcards/photos!  Have fun!


  1. Janice, it is really tempting to receive this special handmade packing, sure i will keep this if i got one ;P
    many bear hugs for sharing this inspiring juice.
    wish you have a sweet Christmas :)

  2. Thank you so much, Susana! I hope you have a sweet Christmas, too! Hugs, Janice

  3. Pretty awesome Blogging-Site vielen Dank an Sie für die gemeinsame Nutzung dieser liebenswerten Ort ...


  4. This is so nice and sweet :) Great and clever idea. Kids and adults will love to receive them as gifts.
    Janice, did u machine along the fabric side? Pic 5 shows sewing along side but not in pic 3.

  5. Thank you so much, ladies! Esther, I did decide to stitch along the edges as I felt it was a bit too plain beforehand! I'm making a more modern one now that I'll post pics of when I'm done :O) Hugs, Janice

  6. Wow.. this is super pretty Janice. Love it (*^^*)

  7. You could make them nice and personal. Good idea.

  8. Thanks so much for letting me know you like the idea! Joanne, do you recognize the postcard?
    Hugs, Janice

  9. Candy schmandy! These wrappers are much to pretty for any old candy bar! *winks* I'd never want to eat the candy and ruin it!What a lovely gift! Vanna

  10. What a great idea! Thank you for sharing this - must admit if someone gave this to me I wouldn't want to open it even though Lindt is my favourite chocolate!!
    Have a good weekend.
    Hugs Lyn x

  11. LOL, Lyn! Well, you can push the candy bar right through, eat it and keep the wrapper! :O) xoxo

  12. Very neat idea and the candy looks good too:) Yum Yum

  13. If you print it on (printable) fabric, would this not be easier?

    1. Yes, it would be a whole lot easier but I love using mixed media with the photo or card art mixed with the buttons, flowers, beads, etc. with the backdrop being fabric! I would love to see a picture if you make one with the card printed on the fabric! Hugs, Janice


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