Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mom's Special Visit ...

Yesterday I took a nap during the day and had the most vivid dream of my Mother.   In the dream my Daughter and I were visiting the house where I grew up - where Mom lived until she passed away four years ago, Christmas Eve.   In the dream, my Daughter and I were at the top of the stairs - where you can see down to the front door.  Someone came in the house and we could see the top of their head but didn't recognize them.   I yelled down the stairs so they could hear me - thinking it was a stranger,  I said "hey, you can't just walk in here" ... and guess who looked up at me?   Mom!   I was so excited.  I said "Oh, I didn't know it was you, Mom" and I ran downstairs to greet her.  She was wearing her navy blue winter coat, and her comfortable tan shoes.  She looked healthy and smiled the Mom smile that I remember - the one that reaches right down in to my heart and places a big unconditionally loved kiss right there in the center of my heart -  right in the spot that has been so empty for four years.   I told her that the birth was about to take place upstairs and asked if she wanted to go up there.  She said she did, so I took her hand and walked her up the stairs.  As we both reached for the door knob, my own daughter woke me up from my dream by saying "hey, Mom" just as I was saying "hey, Mom" to my own Mother in my dream!   The dream ended there with my Mother and me reaching for the door knob at the same time.   It was a lovely dream and it will keep that empty spot filled for quite some time!   My husband thinks the stairs up to the birth is symbolic of my Mother climbing the stairs to Heaven and going to meet the newborn King.  In my dream, I was able to travel with her for a bit of that special journey.   I have always thought of Mom's passing on Christmas Eve as a blessing - she was able to spend Jesus' Birthday right there with Him!   Happy Birthday, Jesus, and thank you for allowing me a glimpse of Mom's happiness on that special day four years ago!    xxxx
Christmas picture taken of my Mom, my Brother's and Me when I was 3 - looks like I was going to plant a kiss on my new Dolly's cheek!  ;o)


  1. What a lovely dream. You and your Mother must have had a very special relationship. I do believe magical events can and do happen on Christmas Eve and are one of the fortunate ones to experience such an event. You are a very dear person Janice and I am happy for that very special Christmas Eve. Much Love and God Bless.xoxoxoxoJudy

  2. Thank you so much, Judith, for your kind words. You are so sweet. God Bless You. Love & Hugs, Janice

  3. A Christmas Blessing to be sure Janice! Three generations together for one magical moment in time! Love knows no boundaries of time or space. I'm so happy you were blessed with a visit from your Mom <3 May you experience an abundance of blessings now and always. Love, Christine xo <3

  4. Sounds so warm & such peaceful dream to me. Uncle Mike interpretation seems so right :) Your mum wants u to know that she is very happy now and just to share that piece of happiness with u. Having to fill up that bit of emptiness in that spot from your beloved mum is such a great joy. So precious & pure. Enjoy it my dearest auntie Janice. Have a lovely lovely Christmas with your mum in that special spot of your heart. Love u always.

  5. Janice, I am so happy for you - your dream must have made you very happy. My mum and my sister have been gone for almost 20 years and my dad for almost 15 years. I find each new Christmas harder than the last. I miss them more each year. I'm glad you found some peace with your dream. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas season.



  6. Dear Christine, Esther and Brenda, I am so grateful for your comments. It really was such a joyous dream and I am happy you have enjoyed reading about it. Brenda, I am so sorry that each year becomes harder for you. May God Bless You all with peace when you are sad and comfort when you are lonely for those you miss. Merry Christmas <3 xxxx

  7. Dear Janice - this is so beautiful <3 - I am so happy for you that you had this very special moment <3 Merry Christmas <3 Lots of Love and Hugs, Ece...

    1. Thank you so much, Ece. It was such a lovely dream and I have been smiling every time I think of it! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas, too, filled with blessings, love and joy. Hugs, Janice


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