Saturday, October 4, 2014

Hit the Jackpot!

Today was the Fall Teddy Bear and Doll Show in Phoenix and for years, I have met my friend, Joanne, at the show and we have shopped together.  Joanne recently moved to another state and this would have been the first show I have attended alone in ages.  I dragged my feet about going because it just isn't as fun to find lovely items by yourself.   I finally ended up going and I am so glad I did!   There were two Sister's who travelled from Minnesota to sell their Mother's stash of antique lace.   I ended up purchasing a LOT of antique lace from the Sisters.  I'll have so much fun using all the lovely lace!  Oh, and I found a beautiful antique wax headdress that I plan to mix with the flowers I removed from my Mom's headdress.  The lady only wanted $15 for the headdress.  All in all, it was a successful shopping trip to the Doll and Bear Show!   I thought I would share my find with my blog readers and hope you enjoy seeing the lovely things I found!
Have a blessed weekend.
Many hugs,

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