Saturday, June 11, 2016

I'm keeping my promise! :o)

Okay, last time when I went 4 months in between posts to my blog, I promised to show my latest creation here and I am keeping my word!  My latest is a puppy who is made from long, beautiful, white mohair.  She is made to resemble a Maltese.  Her name is Gabriella - named after a friend of mine's sweet little Gabby, whom crossed the rainbow bridge way before her time.   I am really trying to spend more time on bears and hopefully will be able to do that now more than ever.  I miss working on these little fabric sculptures!  They bring me so much joy!  I hope they bring you joy in seeing them, too!  Here is Gabriella's link if you are interested in visiting her auction today.  She is only listed for one day!  Gabriella on eBay Have a blessed weekend.  Many hugs,   Janice

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