Thursday, December 6, 2012

Animal Advocate...

Today while I was waiting in a parking lot backed up to Hopi Animal Hospital and Kennel (located at 56th Street and Bell Road in Scottsdale), I heard a poor little dog just whimpering and barking then I heard someone yelling at it.  The dog was quiet for a moment then started whimpering again - again the loud "Shut Up" and some other choice words - that was all I could take.  I jumped out of the car and went in to the Animal Hospital - the kennel was in the next building and I guess they couldn't hear this person yelling at the dog from their office.   I proceeded to report what I had heard and the receptionist assured me that was unacceptable and she was going to check on it.   I went back to my car and waited a half hour.    No more yelling for that half hour but I wonder how long this dog whimpered before I heard it and how many times this cruel person yelled at it for whimpering?  Rather than holding it or reassuring it, this person responded with cruelty.  Why would anyone work with animals if they didn't have a love for them?  Why aren't there some measures in place to assure that the person working with the dogs is treating them with kindness?  Nanny cam's can be used for animals, too.  Today, I reported what I heard to this site ... and, needless to say, I plan to check up on this Animal Hospital randomly and if I hear again what I heard today, a report to the Humane Society will be in order.  Those who cannot speak for themselves deserve an advocate, I feel it is my duty and it is an honor to be that advocate.  xxxx


  1. Very well said Janice and good for you for doing something about it - I certainly would have done the same thing.That person should certainly not be working with animals that's for sure! They obviously didn't vet that person very well and they should be asked to leave I reckon.
    Take care now and have a good weekend.
    Hugs Lyn x

    1. Thank you, Lyn, for saying you would do the same thing. The more advocates we have for those who cannot speak for themselves, the better. Hugs to you! Janice


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