Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Finally finished my Christmas Wreath using ImagiMeri's tutorial

A while ago, Meri Wiley from ImagiMeris, taught a workshop on making a wreath using a Styrofoam base and vintage Christmas ornaments.   Although I wasn't able to attend the workshop, Meri was kind enough to give my friend, Joanne Livingston (who did attend) a base for me and I used Meri's tutorial ( to make mine.  I finally finished it on Christmas Day!   I used vintage Christmas ornaments of various sizes; a precious vintage paper mache bird that my friend, Christine, gave me;  some buttons and bling that my Mom and my friend Judith gave me; and lots of odds and ends that my Mother had given me over the years.   I will cherish this wreath each and every Christmas as it was made with love - the love of friends and family.

Oh Dear...I had the wreath hanging from a small nail which gave way and it went crashing to the ground!  The noise it made left me afraid to even look but when I mustered up the courage to take a peek, only 3 of the very large ornaments broke!  After a trip to a local antique mall, I was able to finish the wreath once again!   Thank you, Joanne, for going with me and thank you, Meri, for your support!

Peace and Blessings to you in 2013  :o)


  1. Some of the xmas ornaments, like the one on the very top and the one at the bottom of the garland are very similar to my mum's ornaments and they are pretty vintage stuff as I think she bought it back in the early fifties in Italy. Amazing :-).
    I might try to do the same myself next xmas. Thank you Janice for such brilliant and sweet idea.
    Happy New Year. Sara

    1. Thank you, Sara! Happy New Year to you, too! The idea is actually from ImagiMeri's blog. Many of the ornaments were given to me by my Mom and most of the items on the wreath are vintage. It was fun to make but so delicate! If you decide to make one, make sure to follow Meri's instructions! xxxx

  2. This is so pretty ♡♥♡....
    U should be teaching in an Art school. ;o)

    1. Awww, thank you, Esther! I think I am going to leave it up all the time in my sewing room -


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