Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Best Strawberry Banana Smoothie Ever!

I know this is not bear related but it is Mom related!  My Mom was such an adventurist when it came to cooking, baking, food making of any sort.  She would be proud of me, I'm sure, for my latest recipe for a really good and healthy smoothie!  I finally mastered the Strawberry Banana Smoothie after several months of trying many different versions.   It goes like this ... 6 ice cubes; 1.5 cups of Dairy Free Soy Vanilla Ice Cream, 1 Quart of Organic Strawberries; 2 Medium Size Organic Bananas; 1 Packet of Gerber Organic Baby Food - Strawberry Banana Flavor;  1 Packet of Gerber Organic Baby Food - Apple Mango Strawberry Flavor.  Put on Pulse until the ice cubes are cracked in to small pieces, then put on crush for about 30 seconds then on blend for another 30 seconds.   OH MY GOODNESS ... Heaven on Earth!     The two baby food flavors add just the perfect zing to the fresh strawberries and bananas.   I use a Ninja 1200 watt professional series blender but I'm sure any smoothie making blender would work.   The next post will be about a bear related subject!  :o)   I'm finishing up a tiny little bunny and should be able to photograph her tomorrow!   Hugs,  Janice 


  1. oh my god that sounds so goooood @____@ gotta try that sometime!!!



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