Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New Little Booh Bear Available Today!

Another remake of one of my older patterns!  This latest little girl was made from a piece of mohair that I acquired in a trade with a lady from Germany about 10 years ago.  While going through my small pieces mohair stash a couple weeks ago, I happened upon two scraps that I acquired from this lady and was so happy to see them!  I've yet to see any mohair like this in the U.S. - it is white underneath with gold tips.  The mohair itself is rather sparse but it is fuzzy which makes it appear dense.  So unique and pretty!     "Merigold" is made from one of the scraps and the other scrap is tan with brown tips, so a tiny puppy will come from that. Merigold's original pattern is my "Sophia" (available in my etsy Shop) with a few changes to the head, arms and legs. I hope you will take a peek at Merigold's page once it goes live at 11:00 a.m. Phoenix, AZ time today!  If you click on the following link, it will take you to her page and there will be a world clock link which will tell you what time she goes live in your corner of the world!   Have a lovely day!  Hugs & Blessings,  Janice   Merigold's Webpage


  1. 'Merigold'...Such a darling little handful! :) But, once again, your hours are atrocious (smiles) !
    Best of All Hugs,
    P.S. Beautiful Blog


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