Friday, August 29, 2014

And here we have ... more pumpkins!

I have been having so much fun making fabric pumpkins that I decided to make another batch (or patch?!).  This batch required more work and the embellishments were quite costly but the finished product is just what I had hoped for!   The fabric came from a 93 year old lady's "stash" and was gifted to my Sister by her friend.  My Sister sent me quite a bit but it's almost gone now!   The fabric is raw hand woven silk from India.  It is so unique with little nubby's of color throughout.  I dyed the fabric with wine colored dye and then washed, rinsed and dried it in the sun.  It came out a beautiful purplish/rusty color with wine undertones.  One piece of fabric was pulled from the dye early and it turned out marine blue and burnt orange.  Looks like Autumn - my favorite Season!   Well, I guess it's time to get back to the bears.   A gallery of four little ones will be coming on September 12th, so nose to the grindstone!  Have a safe and fun Labor Day Weekend!   Hugs & Blessings, Janice

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