Saturday, March 21, 2015

And yet another little puppy!

Just finished another little puppy from Eileen Seifert's pattern.  I think I am done with this pattern now!  I usually only use another artist's pattern once but with this pattern, I couldn't decide which fur to use, so, along with Rosella, Margot was born.  Both Rosella and Margot derived their names from early 1900's famous ballerinas.  Thank you, google search, for making it a breeze to look up things like early ballerina's names!  Margot is currently on eBay and her auction will end on Tuesday, March 24th.  If you like to try other artist's patterns,  I would recommend mine first (tee hee) .. but then, I would recommend Eileen's!  
 I aged the top photo (since Margot's name is so old, I thought it would be fun to age her photo, too!)
I hope you will take a moment to peek in on Margot and then have a lovely weekend! Margot's eBay Auction ending Tuesday, March 24  Hugs & Blessings, Janice

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